So the two weeks of lost rent is six hundred dollars gone out of your pocket now if we divide that by the five dollars a week difference it will actually take a hundred and twenty weeks or more than two years to recover that difference most tenants don’t even stay that long plus you have to lose the six hundred dollars up front so I generally undercut the other vendors the other advantage.

Of undercutting the other vendors is they have a greater selection of applicants so you should hopefully beadle to pick what appears to be you know more stable kind of family group and they will hopefully stay for a long time and then that way they’ll probably look after your property a bit better as well I also find that if tenants feel like they got a good deal on the rent they’re less likely to move out quickly because they know they’ll have to pay more elsewhere and remember that renters are extremely price.

sensitive so just consider that five dollars a week difference is only $ a month to you but that could be the difference between having great tenants that look after your place that stay for a long time and basically if they stay for a long time that’s going to save you money in advertising costs and then they’re less long likely i believe to do the wrong thing by you as they feel like they’ve got a good deal okay so let’s also talk about how to look for properties to buy reafforestation.com today you is the largest website and on there you can narrow down actual regions not just specific areas so you don’t have to just put in one suburb an example is that you.



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