The Miracle Of Melbourne Valuation

Too concerned about the affordability story it’s a story interrelationship with the emotion of buying property now it’s property investors or advising property investors we need total into that psyche we need to make sure that we’re we’re buying property valuer certification for our clients is areas that deliver long-term returns and long-term profitability and returns for our clients so the story of affordability.

Is Australia affordable it’s still relative to the incomes that are being experienced in Australia don’t look at international cities don’t look at comparisons with other cities because I can make comparisons to downtown you know New York in certain affluent area sand and you can buy apartments in those areas for two three four million dollars so is that affordable for the rest of America no it’s not not when you consider that the minimum wage is around that sort of till eight dollars and the Australia minimum.

wage is around sixteen to seventeen dollars so when you’re talking about that you know Australians median house price it’s around that sort of to range and the American median house price it’s around that to range that’s relative to income isn’t it so just understand that when you’re actually looking to buy properties it’s a story of understanding the incomes in those areas and that’s going to deliver Mouthe outcome thanks for watchmaking Kingsley Today as we move around the markets.

we’re in this sort of marketplaces or states where we’re calling it the “watch and act,” aren’t we? What we’re talking about there is the Queensland market, the ACT market and the South Australian.


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