Business Personal Property Valuation

The company’s patent portfolio and developing are put action the company is not a patsy that they’re going to actually they’re not gonna be held up for ransom on the one hand and on the other hand they’re going to be a aggressive in enforcing their own Property valuation report rights in-house counsel are in a difficult position a very often they’re just too busy to really provide effective oversight over litigation but not only that when general counsel up talks to the CEO and the CEO’s says you know you gotta cut costs by to percent legal department there’s a will pardon pour their does the to the litigation lawyers and has really support cutting costs to the really believe that’s a good thing and often they really don’t and so wanted.

The things we’ve been advising clients to do is bring someone independent to help you evaluate about legal costs bring someone in who can give you kinda independent take on what you can do to control costs and where you should spend more money where you can spend less one very specific way a complete complete control litigation costs is to do what we call front-loading lot of the work that lawyers to in traditional cases is back loaded and lawyers wait until the end of the case to do some other really core now sees that are necessary to go to trial.

However if someone that work is front-loaded some very huge cost savings can be a ok very big cost savings be paid for example if at the beginning in the case company decides what are the true issues that we’re really gonna take to trial.

What evidence do we really need to prove our case and if you focus on those issues up on those matters very early on you can reduce the scope of the litigation from the very beginning if you can narrow the actual claims defenses and issues that are actually being litigated you obviously reduce the scope every aspect of the case from discovery through trial well one of the the problems that companies face in analyzing the value of the intellectual property is we have a can we have a changing landscape in terms of the legal standards that are applied analyzing patterns so over the past three or four years we’ve had a series of supreme court decisions.


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