The 5 Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Business Valuation

This camp a lot less tax on that purchases the most ordinary mortality Woodbine this a stamp duty would be a bit more if I am NOT the money percent asleep a million pounds is targeting and can I avoid a to buy temperature a offshore company structure a effectively you be paying off send time-saving not thousand-pound rich foreign buyers can also escape having to pay capital gains tax when they sell and council tax is much more worried her about to be bandit sand H top and pippin the maximum council tax in the area.

Which is the same for this twenty million or more house as it is for some, pamphlet down the road covered for politicians you see pitfalls in other taxes raising money from expensive property may sound a sure-fire winner but hold on have you forgotten the FOSS created by other property taxes like the rates with a property tax be an easy and politically pain-free way of raising a large sum of money there is an economic direction.

I’ll for a property tax beyond doubting my property appraisal report view it would be political suicide for anybody to do it the British are attached to house saying they see housing they say source of wealth cause a lot of it is inflation is due to do scarcity of for housing it so productive wealth inn that sense but I think a property tax would be critical madness I think that wealth and and land taxes tend to be ones that are very popular with economist sand they tend to be less popular Property valuations Melbourne with politicians I just and that’s because people often don’t like.

The idea of being taxed nothings that they have already purchased at of income which has been taxed out was big that might new taxes in general the tie to the squeeze gets old is all the more pressure government will be under to raise taxes on the salsa people who can afford houses like this and if they say look we’re ready to move abroad they’ll be plenty of people soothsayer good riddance or it’s just an idle.


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